The first Coding Bootcamp in the Middle East

Become a professional Full-Stack developer in 14 weeks

Intensive Part-time course for beginners

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Course Snapshot

Languages/Frameworks taught:

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Python, Django, and Intro. to Swift


This course is designed for complete beginners.
Basic computer science background is preferred, but not required.


February 28, 2017 to June 6, 2017.


Argan Business Park, Building 7 (First Floor).
Free Trade Zone, Kuwait.

Class Size:

12 to 15 Students.


The duration of the course is 14 Weeks.


Part-time, 5 pm to 9 pm, Weekdays.
Optional lab on Saturdays.


The tuition costs KWD 2,450.
Check course details for payment plan.

Application Deadline:

February 22, 2017.

More Details

Who this course is for

You’re a Beginner

You have no coding background and want to become a professional coder.

You Have Big Ideas

You want to build websites or apps but don’t have the necessary coding skills.

You Want to Improve

You’re a computer science student who wants to gain experience and training in new programming languages.

You Want to Reinvent Your Career

You want to learn coding as a new skill that makes you valuable in any industry.

Why Learn Code

Abdulaziz Al Loughani
“Coding minds never answer with impossible or not doable; everything is possible with code. And just like reading and writing, coding is bound to be an essential skill for everyone.”

Abdulaziz Al Loughani
Vice Chairman
The National Fund for SME’s Development

The National Fund for SME’s Development is a $7 billion fund for SME’s in a variety of industries and sectors

Mohammed Jaffar
“The future workforce will be categorized into those who can code and those who cannot. We should teach our children from an early age to code just like we teach them to speak a new language.”

Mohammed Jaffar
Former CEO and Owner has been sold to Rocket Internet for $150 million in 2015

Abdullah Al Zabin
“Never before has mankind been able to reach this many people with this little effort as it does now in this new age of smart devices. The gatekeepers to this new world are software developers; not businessmen, not marketers, and not designers. It is critical for our Kuwaiti youth to learn how to write code, because that will be the only way for us to compete and win in this new world.”

Abdullah Al Zabin
Founder and CEO

Lumba is a mobile gaming company established in San Francisco, with games downloaded by over 3 million users, and selected to be in Apple’s Best Apps list for 2014.
Fahad AlModaian
“Coding and development is the key to unlocking the next advancement in human civilization. Everything from day to day usage of smartphone to space travel and scientific research tools are dependent on application done and invested by coders.
Coders are the new game changers. The backbone of modern life.”

Fahad AlModaian
Co-founder and AI lead developer
Diwaniya Labs

Diwaniya Labs is a Kuwaiti video game development company founded in 2009. They are the creators of hit mobile games such as iKout, iBalot, and more; with over 2 million downloads across their products.

Abdullah Al-Shalabi
“If I could go back in time to 3 years ago, I would take 2-3 months off to learn to code before starting fishfishme. It’s not to replace having a technical co-founder or hiring developers, but rather because coding is essential not only in building your product, but also in marketing. If you have this skill, investors will love you and you’ll have a ten times better chance at succeeding.”

Abdullah Al-Shalabi
Founder and CEO is a global fishing charters booking website, currently part of 500Startups in Silicon Valley.

Abdurrahman El Sayed
“The market is very hungry for experienced, high caliber programmers who are passionate about coding. Coding gives you the ability to pursue your passion by building a product from scratch, and make a great living out of it.”

Abdurrahman El Sayed
Co-founder and Managing Director
Waveline Media

Waveline Media is the parent company of Nabd, which has over 1 billion page views per quarter, and Yabila, which has over 500,000 users in Kuwait.

More reasons to learn code

Coders Are in Demand

Coders are hot commodity! Startups, publicly listed corporations, and large private companies are all looking to build a world-class team of programmers.

An Opportunity for a Great Career

Coders are among the highest paid professionals being placed in influential leadership positions to take organizations into the future.

A Tool to Build Your Dreams

The ability to code is an indispensable asset for a startup founder, and coders are the new superstars of entrepreneurship.

Become a more critical thinker

Learning code teaches your mind to solve problems in a more logical and effective way.

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