Step One: Complete the Application

Click on start your application above and complete a basic application.

Step Two: book Your interview appointment

Once you submit your application, you’ll immediately receive a confirmation email with a link to schedule your admissions interview appointment. Check your email inbox (or junk folder) to find the confirmation email, and then follow the instructions to book your interview slot as soon as possible.

Step Three: study the pre-interview packet

Before attending the interview, prepare by studying the Coded Pre-interview Packet sent in the confirmation email. Allow yourself at least 3 days to study all the required material. The packet is designed for complete beginners.

Step Four: attend the admissions interview

Attend your admissions interview at the time you scheduled. The interview will be 20 minutes, and will consist of questions about your background, interest in coding, and goals. We’ll also ask you a few general technical questions related to the Pre-interview Packet.

Step Five: Receive the final decision

After completing the interview, we’ll email you the final admission decision.
Good luck!