Course Instructor:
Charles Stauffer

Coded’s Lead Instructor since July, 2015

Charles Stauffer


Charles is an enthusiastic software developer who has specialized in web applications. Charles has a wealth of experience working on both large and small teams. He also loves training students and new employees.

Treeline Group (2013 – 2015):

Python / PHP Developer

● Communicate with customers, designers or 3rd party agencies to take in design specs and adaptively build out various web applications as various parties communicated needs for different / extended design specifications.
● Understand and utilize cloud storage services such a rackspace cloud files and amazon EC2.
● Programing complex scripts and web applications in Python and PHP ( with emphasis on Django framework ). Applications rage in variety from user­facing services such as e­commerce & day planners to system level processes that limit cpu/storage bottlenecks.

BlueHost (2010-2013):

Jr. PHP Developer

● Extensive bug hunting experience in PHP, PERL, and JavaScript.
● Work with WordPress plugin developers to resolve compatibility issues between their
plugins and our custom version of PHP
● Help improve and maintain billing systems
● Build out servers, install and setup raid cards & hard drives, install OS and setup routing.

Core Programing skills:

● Python – Emphasis on Django and complex web applications & services.

● JavaScript – Emphasis on jQuery and building / customizing plugins.

● PHP – Emphasis on WordPress and custom PHP Frameworks.

Humanized (2008-­2010):

Scripter & Data Miner

● Find websites suitable for data mining.
● Write a script to gather and archive information from a web­site or database our team
found as a suitable candidate.
● Watch over the database and local servers to make sure scripts were returning the
information and hardware was able to handle the load.

Visions Decorative (2005-2008):

General Assistant / IT Consultant

● IT & Web Development: helping to backup, maintain and install new software on company machines as well as design and build the company website ( XHTML / PHP / JavaScript )
● On Sight Mural & Decorative Painting Work.
● Supervising contractors / New Hires.

Education – Brigham Young University (2008­-2010):

● Digital Animation & Computer Science
● Experience maintaining Graphic Workstations ( Networking, RAID, setting up NAS as
needed and helping to maintain the SAN )
● Helped set up “Render Farms” i.e. clustered computing networks
● Helping to coordinate SVN across different platforms for Network storage ( i.e. Tortoise,
SvnX, to a department repository to be rendered )
● Various 2D & 3D Animation skills; figure drawing, digital and clay sculpting.

Education – Lone Star College (2002­-2004):

● Biology Major
● Phi Theta Kappa officer.
● On Campus Job: Windows System Admin ( Win NT )
● Acquired great research, technical reading and technical writing skills.
● Learned a lot about good teamwork and group coordination in various student