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This week as a part of Coded Talks we bring you Ayyoub Amaneddine who happens to be business development executive at ArabNet. The talk will be held on August 9th at Mefazec, a venue provider for Coded Summer Bootcamp 2016. Check out the interview and find more about Ayyoub and topics of his talk.

Coded: Tell us something about your experience and background.

Ayyoub: I graduated as a computer software engineer form Wroclaw University of Technology in Poland. I have been working on App development and software engineering for the past 3 years, on a freelancing basis. I am taken by entrepreneurship and the echo it has created in the MENA region so far. That is why I joined ArabNet a year ago, so I can work closely with entrepreneurs, observe, learn and share their beautiful growth.

Coded: How long have you been involved with startups and how?

Ayyoub: I have been working with startups since I joined ArabNet a year ago. In my opinion, the secret for successful growth of a startup is to build and maintain good relationships with business leaders, executives and potential investors, one of ArabNet’s main goals in the region. We gather startups from all over MENA to exhibit, network and pitch their Ideas and startups, for them to grow their businesses.

Coded: Could you tell us more about ArabNet?

Ayyoub Founded in 2009, the vision of ArabNet is to help grow the web and mobile sectors in the Arab world through its activities. It also aims to build business bridges across the MENA region, and stimulate the growth of the Arab digital knowledge economy.It also supports the creation of new businesses and job opportunities for aspiring youth.

Coded: Can you share a few main topics you will talk about on Tuesday?

Ayyoub: What is ArabNet? ArabNet is a leading events, media and research company focused on the digital business and startup sector in the Middle East. ArabNet organizes major annual conferences in Beirut, Riyadh, Dubai, and Kuwait; publishes news and analysis of the digital sector on its online news portal and print: the ArabNet Quarterly magazine; and creates original research reports about the digital industry in MENA.

Ayyoub Amaneddine, ArabNet

Here is a brief history of our work and projects so far:

– ArabNet conferences, held in Dubai (4 times), Riyadh (5 times), Kuwait (for the first time), and Beirut (7 times), have a track record of bringing globally-renowned speakers, as well as connecting entrepreneurs with funding and incubation.

– The ArabNet online news portal and print The Quarterly magazine feature news and analysis of MENA tech trends, as well as exclusive interviews and reviews of up-and-coming digital startups.

– ArabNet’s Business Intelligence arm produces original research reports – both quantitative and qualitative – to bridge the knowledge gap in the MENA digital sector.

Why Arabnet is coming to Kuwait? After the announcement of the $7B The National Fund for SME development in 2013, the market has witnessed a surge in entrepreneurship support and institutions: funds, co-working spaces, angels and investors. This was further inspired by the acquisition of Kuwait’s Talabat, which marks the largest regional exit since Yahoo! Maktoob in 2009. We saw that the Kuwaiti digital ecosystem is proving to be one of the most promising in the region. Kuwait is also home to GCC’s most affluent online influencers, not to mention a social media penetration of 96%, which is one of the highest in the world.

Why should you attend ArabnNet Kuwait 2016 from October 4th to 5th? ArabNet Kuwait will host the leading investors and stakeholders driving digital entrepreneurship in Kuwait and MENA. The Startup Demo and Ideathon competitions are ideal for entrepreneurs to showcase themselves amidst the best in the business; various workshops are planned, geared towards startup founders to boost their business.

Coded: Who should benefit the most from your talk?

Ayyoub: People coming from advertising, marketing and media, ICT and mobile, traditional sectors, education and entertainment, e-commerce, payment and logistic, government and association, entrepreneurs and digital business leaders.

See you on Tuesday at 7:30 PM!

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