From a freelance developer to the company owner

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Choosing the direction in which your life will go after the college is something that’s not always easy. But Khalid Al-Mutawa was happy enough to start working as a freelancer and decide on his career path during the university. He shared his story at Coded Talks on August 2nd. Khalid started basic coding during high school, fell in love with it and second year of university he decided to get a job to utilize his free time, but didn’t have luck finding anything. So, he decided to become a developer.

Once he believed he was good enough, he started his career as a freelance developer. All started by taking projects from family and friends, then he got referred to other people around the world and that’s how he built his portfolio. Today he has his own company.

Never stop learning

But not everything was easy since being good at tech or any other skill doesn’t mean that you know how to do business. His piece of advice is to make sure you do as much research as possible to better understand every aspect of your business to increase your chances of success. You will make mistakes, but you will also learn along the way.

Here are some of the main tips Khalid shared with the audience:

  • Pricing and payment are very important, take it seriously. Don’t be afraid of saying how much do you charge for your services. Remind your client about the payment if necessary, you earned that money.
  • Make it clear where you’re starting and where you are stopping. Don’t be shy to communicate to your clients and partners that what they’re asking for is out of the scope which was initially discussed.
  • Make sure to discuss every detail, and research the guy you’re about to partner with. Discuss what happens when someone doesn’t take care of his assigned roles/responsibilities.
  • Don’t do any work before everything is discussed, written, and signed on.
  • Become a part of the community – Mefazec, niu, Sirdab Lab, Reyada. No matter what problem you are facing at the moment, there you will always find someone with the answer. And remember, learn to ask for help and a piece of advice when needed.

After he shared all those tips, he talked about his latest startup – Plugn. He started it out of the personal need for a good platform that enables Instagram comment management for teams.  As he likes to say, it was an experiment that went well. Currently, he is the only one in the team and the service is free of charge at this moment. Time will show how popular the platform will be and how will their business model look like.



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