For every incoming batch of Coded students, scholarships are offered through various private and public organizations. The purpose of these scholarships is to financially support outstanding students with a strong interest in learning code. Students can check to see what scholarships are available, and apply through the general application page.

How to Apply For a Scholarship

If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, you may do so through the Scholarship application form by clicking here.

From the students who apply for a scholarship, a selected number of candidates will be interviewed by the scholarship provider. This interview is in addition to the admissions interview conducted by the Coded team.

After the scholarship interview, you will be notified of the award decision.

Available Scholarships

The Advance Technology Group Full Scholarship

Scholarship Type:
Full tuition funding for entire length of the program.

Available Seats: 1

Selection Criteria:
Outstanding academic and professional experience, previous coding experience (if available), previous or current work on digital innovative projects, future plans for a profitable technology startup that expresses the candidate’s passion for coding.

Post Course Completion Requirements:
Assist the Advance Technology Group in a tech project for a specified duration; become a Coded Mentor for the next batch of Coded students funded by the TAT Group Foundation scholarship; share weekly posts about the CODED experience with TAT management.