Fresh Grad Bootcamp

Course Snapshot


Become a junior professional web developer capable of building mobile and web apps on a variety of platforms.


October 7th – December 27th, 2018
(12 weeks)

Class Size:

8 to 12 Students.
(students will be carefully selected based on admission criteria)


This course is free of charge.

Device Requirements (Minimum):

MacBook 2015 (or after).
Intel Core i5 (Dual-Core), 8GB RAM.

Recruitment Day:

At the end of the bootcamp, students will present their projects to recruiters from a variety of companies to select candidates for possible job openings.


Sunday to Thursday, 8:30am to 4:30pm.
Optional lab on Saturdays.


Basic coding background or a degree in a relevant major is preferred.
Recent graduate from university (max 2 years since graduation).
Currently unemployed.


Python, Django, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, ReactJS, and React Native.
(Check the Curriculum Details section for more information)


Coded Campus,
Argan Business Park, Building 7 (First Floor).
Free Trade Zone, Kuwait.

Application Deadline:

August 19th, 2018

Course Goals

Build Web, Android, and iOS Apps from scratch.

Be ready for a job as a full-time programmer.

Be an effective member of a cross-functional development team.

Be a technical product team manager.

Job Opportunities

At the end of the bootcamp, students will present their projects to recruiters from a variety of companies from different industries.
Recruiters will view projects and consult with the Coded Team to select candidates for possible job openings in their companies.
Our graduates will also remain informed and connected to any new job opportunities for developers.

Large Corporations:

Large or publicly traded companies in leading industries such as telecom and banking.

Tech Startups:

Young, high growth tech companies with an app/ website as their core.

Software Companies:

Software development and IT services companies that build programs to serve other clients.

Course Curriculum


Python is our core programming language. It’s simple and easy to program in but it’s extremely powerful. It’s used by companies like Google, YouTube, DropBox and many more. The course will cover all the basics of Python programming. By the end students will be able to write very complex programs quickly and efficiently.


Django is a high-level Python web framework that encourages rapid development and clean design. It takes the hassle out of setting up webservers, managing and interacting with databases, handling user authentication and interaction and much much more. Django allows for the creation of everything from pure data APIs to rich dynamic web applications. Django is used by companies like Pinterest and Instagram and it is CODED’s framework of choice.

Software Project Management:

Throughout the course students will be continuously exposed to the latest software development methodologies used by major companies. Students will be working in a test-driven development environment, pair-programming and using Agile workflows, and all projects will be versioned and managed using Git and Github.


CODED’s curriculum is project-driven. This means that throughout the course students will be working on multiple projects. During the instructional phase, students will work on different aspects of real web applications of increasing difficulty and complexity, culminating in a final project phase where they can propose their own original ideas and turn them into real working applications.

Web Design:

Build stunning responsive web applications by leveraging the power of HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap 3 for rapid prototyping and design of your user interfaces.


CODED’s secondary programming language, JavaScript was born on the web and built for the web. JavaScript allows you to manipulate elements on your pages, create animations and interact with APIs and servers using AJAX. JavaScript breathes life into any website by making it dynamic and interactive.

ReactJS and React Native:

ReactJS (or just React) is a cutting-edge frontend library for building rich, interactive user interfaces. It uses a component-based development approach that allows programmers to build large web applications that constantly update their interface as their data changes without reloading the page. React was created by and for Facebook and Instagram and used by other major companies like Netflix and Airbnb.
React Native is an even newer bleeding-edge library built on top of React. It allows for the rapid development of native mobile applications for both iOS and Android devices using a single React codebase. With React Native our students get to see their app ideas come to life quickly on all mobile platforms.


Students will get the chance to deploy their applications into a production environment that they set up, run and manage themselves. The course will cover deployment using DigitalOcean.

How you’ll learn


The vast majority of your time will be spent coding and putting the skills you’re getting into practice.


Complete small projects that combine several main topics to review your knowledge and sharpen your coding skills.


For the final 3 weeks, students will team up to apply everything they learned by working on real projects set up by the Coded Team along with companies from a variety of industries.


Take on different code challenges to see how well you’re doing in each section and where you might need improvement.


Warehouse is Coded’s online platform where you’ll find all the main lessons, workshops, and projects we’ll be teaching throughout the bootcamp.