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Summer Camp

Where Learning and Fun Go Hand in Hand!

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Summer Camp Activities

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Learn different programming languages and create your own programs in a fun & engaging way

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Learn how to create your own business from an early age and transform your ideas into reality

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Unleash your creativity and discover your passion through the arts & crafts and performing arts workshops

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Enjoy the sports and physical activities and enhance your team spirit and leadership skills

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a variety of programs

Coding Topics of the Upcoming Program 

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Puzzle Coding (8-10)

Teaching your children advanced topics in programming and block coding by solving puzzles

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Websites (8-10)

Learn how to build incredible websites and transform your ideas into reality with html & css

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Swift (11-13)

Learn Swift language which is the programming language created by Apple to solve puzzles & create simple program

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Game Creation (11-13)

Create and develop themed games using a visual logic builder along with drawing and animation tools

Our Special Discounts

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KFH Discount: 190KD

For kids with "Baiti" account only


Siblings Discount: 200KD

Brothers & sisters only

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