Coded Talks: Khalid Al-Mutawa – The Plugn Story

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This week as a parf of Coded Talks we present you Khalid Al-Mutawa, a young Kuwaiti entrepreneur who is currently focusing on three startups – StudentHub, The White Book and Plugn. He will give a talk on August 2nd starting at 7:30 PM. The place is Mefazec, which is a venue provider for Coded Summer Bootcamp 2016.

Coded: Tell us something about yourself.

I graduated from Gulf University for Science and Technology with Management Information Systems major in 2012. After that I decided to start my own company which builds tech startups. Software development was a hobby that turned into my career choice while I was at university. Before I started my own company, I built hundreds of projects for other companies.

Coded: How long have you been involved with startups and how?

Khalid Al-Mutawa, Plugn

Khalid: I’ve been involved in tech ever since I was 14 years old. I only started building startups myself after graduating from university.

Coded: Could you tell us more about your latest startup Plugn?

Khalid: Plugn is a platform that enables Instagram comment management for teams. Anyone can link their Instagram account and invite agents to handle the comments they receive. The reason why I built Plugn is because I couldn’t find any existing solution that matches my needs.

Coded: Can you share few main topics you will talk about on Tuesday?

Khalid: I’ll be talking about my startup journey, which I hope some might find interesting. Some of the topics I’m also planning to cover is communication with clients and partners, pricing and payment etc. In addition to that, it might inspire someone else to follow the same model in building their startup.

Coded: Who should attend your talk?

Khalid: Anyone who’s interested in knowing more about tech startups, the process and mindset required to build one.

It seems like this is going to be a great talk. Join us on Meetup and see you soon!

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