Coded Talks: Mert Unan – IoT and machine learning

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This week as a part of Coded Talks we will host Mert Unan, technical evangelist from Microsoft. His talk will be held on August 23rd at Mefazec, a venue provider for Coded Summer Bootcamp 2016. Check out the interview and find more about Mert and his upcoming talk on IoT and machine learning.

Coded: Tell us something about your experience, background, and expertise.

Mert: My journey started with the studies of computer science and engineering which gave me the boilerplate of an understanding on how things work, how they break apart into modules and how can we thrive to improve them. I’m intrinsically motivated to drive change on technology using innovation and making lives either easier or adding capability. I had a startup journey in San Jose, CA at the age of 20 which gave me a lot of insights about driving results, business and ideation. Currently I’m with Microsoft working with startups and software development companies as a technology evangelist with a specialization of IoT and machine learning. My work gives me the opportunity to experiment, architect and develop with the bleeding edge technology. I’m also extremely passionate about drone building and cars so it sort of works with the IoT part of the role.

Coded: How long have you been involved with startups and tech?

Mert Unan, Microsoft

Mert: I’ve been working hands-on on my startup and as an engineer for over 6 years now. Involvement with tech however, I guess started with the first computer game I’ve seen, should be about when I was 6.

Coded: Can you share few main topics you will talk about on Wednesday?

Mert: It will be an entrepreneurship based talk about IoT and machine learning. I’ll try my best to crystallize the experience and the knowledge around these topics to help people take it home and start using it from day 0. Everything we’ll be talking about will be “touchable” and ready to go.

The tech industry has always been steered by the next capability the technology brings to our lives and the business focus has always been trying to find ways to monetize that. Startups have just the right amount of agility to quickly grasp the new technology and apply it to create a paradigm shift. Precisely why, I hope I can add some value discussing the new tech in the market.

Coded: Who should attend your talk?

Mert: I can comfortably say it will be suitable for a wide range of audience. Entrepreneurs, engineers, architects, makers should find something to benefit from. My talks are usually deep technical implementation but this time we will cover strategy and demos that are result oriented rather than focusing on the implementation. That being said I’ll be around starting afternoon so for people for deep technical interest, that should be a good window to discuss.

See you tonight at 7:30 pm!

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