Coded Talks: Premlal Pullisserry – The Boxit Story

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How and why Boxit moved from Kuwait to Dubai? What were the challenges they faced? How to build a startup team? How to hire the right people? These questions – and more – will be answered on July 27th at Coded Talk by Premlal Pullisserry, CEO of Boxit. We had a short interview with him so you can get to know him better before you meet him in person.

Coded: Can you tell us something about your experience and background?

Premlal: I am an engineer by education, and a sales person by profession. I graduated from National Institute of Technology, which is one of top 10 engineering colleges in India. I spent most of my career in telecom selling enterprise technology solutions, and then later in Kuwait landed to one logistics company.

Coded: How long have you been involved with startups?

Premlal: Boxit is my second startup. The first one failed to grow in 2004-2005. Here in GCC, this is my second year in a startup.

Coded: Could you tell us more about Boxit?

Premlal: It was founded in July 2014. You know how sometimes there is a lot of stuff in your house or apartment that you don’t need at some time of the year? Or you bought it but you don’t use it? There comes Boxit.

Premlal Pullisserry, Boxit

You can use our mobile application to request the number of boxes you need. After that they will be delivered to your address and picked up once you’re done with the packing.

All our boxes are made of 100% PP recyclable, strong and water resistance plastic. They can be used for storing books, clothes, souvenirs, shoes, and everything you want to remove from your place temporarily.

Coded: Can you share few main topics you will talk about on Wednesday?

Premlal: I will be talking about troubles when starting your business, how to decide whether to outsource or to do everything in-house, how to choose initial team, and your A team. One of the topics will also be how to decide between a value based or revenue based startup, and product or service.

Coded: Who should attend your talk?

Premlal: This talk should attend people who are not sure how should they get started, or those who just started and want to grow to the next stage.

See you at Mefazec at 7:30 PM!

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