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Startup Weekend Kuwait 2015 was a very awesome experience. I learned a lot. Learned how to work as a team, collaborate on ideas to work better with the team and end up with a better product. I got a lot of perspective on what kind of things I could make when I saw the other teams’ products and ideas. Coded really prepared me for the development part of building the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) (aka: prototype). I also gained a lot of business perspective by seeing how the professionals were doing it.

My team lost. I didn’t go there to win, my team wasn’t even gonna form, they were all going home. We all met on our way to leave, except for me. I was looking for a team to develop for. I participated to learn, experience, gain perspective, network, and have fun. I’m really glad to say that I did all that successfully.

During Summer, around Ramadan, I was really worried that my summer was gonna be boring and mundane. Nothing makes me lose my mind than having absolutely nothing to do. So I started looking for any job in technology, any internship in technology, anything. I even considered going to Dubai or UAE in general for a course or something.

The Computer Science Club at Kuwait University emailed me letting me know about Coded. I applied to them, but had little to no expectations at all. I ended up finding a part-time job opportunity at KOC. I had to make a choice whether to settle for a job and some money that I desperately needed, or take a shot at the bootcamp to learn coding, aim higher, and invest more in myself. I made the choice to take my chances at Coded, thinking I had none. But a part of me felt that that was the right choice, I just couldn’t validate it. One thing about that time period that I’ll never forget, is the unshakeable feeling that I was part of history being written.

From that point, my mind was racing. All I kept thinking was “Did I make the right choice?”, “Did I lose both my opportunities to make use of my time?”, “What if I made the wrong decision?”. When they called me letting me know I’m in the bootcamp, I felt so much relief and excitement at the same time. Other than select moments in my personal life, I’ve never felt so much relief. It was a moment to remember.

Because of that experience, I feel that Coded was a very crucial step in my career. It might be the kickstarter I needed to get me to a point where I can be creative. I never expected them to have such a big impact on me. They exceeded my expectations by a fair margin. The students also surprised me. I wasn’t expecting them to turn out to be such good developers. I never expected to meet such great people in a learning place.

So you wanted to know my experience at the bootcamp? Well here it is. It’s something you wouldn’t see in Kuwait because there’s nothing like it. It’s like a machine that is custom-built to give birth to a batch of developers periodically, and we’re “The First Born”. Every single day I spent there feels like a vacation, especially because I looooooove to code and learn. Also because they provided an amazing atmosphere, very convenient snacks, an awesome coffee machine, and anything else we asked for. If they provided a room to sleep in, and a bathroom to shower in, I think I would’ve lived there and called it home. Only to go downstairs and get lunch and coffee for a change. It was a really great experience. I would love to have it again!



  1. I’m learning how to code in college (I study MIS) how this any different? Do I need to apply in the future? Or is it just like what I’m already learning?

    1. In college you learn the fundementals or programming. It’s a lot of valuable skills and a very good introduction to programming. But what you learn in college is hardly ever applicable in the real world.

      In this bootcamp, what you learn complements what you learn in college. It’s all very applicable and very helpful when you wanna build applications and deploy them.

      So basically, what you can learn here are things you can immediately apply in the real world and get started with it. When you get started in this bootcamp, the “future” is very near, and very soon it’ll be now. With such a bootcamp, building real world applications and thinking creatively isn’t something to only wonder about.

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