The Student Experience – Week 2

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The second week has topped the bottle on the first week perfectly. It was just the learning experience I needed to really get a grasp on some of the fundamentals we took on the first week.

The instructor focused on getting the students who were lagging behind during the week up to speed. At the same time, he definitely did not forget the ones who already covered the basics properly. Me and a couple other students were highly encouraged to keep going with the lessons ahead and also to mess around with what we already knew.

It was quite surprising to walk in the bootcamp in the morning to see the instructor printing papers. Turns out we had a paper quiz! According to the instructor, being able to write code in your mind (on paper) makes you a significantly better programmer. It was at that quiz I saw where my weak points were in terms of the code I had already typed on the computer before. The instructor surprises us with great techniques to help us learn better.

The most important aspect of coding learned in this section was the beautification of the functionality we already implemented by the start of this week. So now we can actually work on real projects and make them look decent for an average person. At least for a start. I am, once again, very surprised of what I’m capable of doing in such a small amount of time learning.

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