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This has been a very transforming week. We went from covering the basics of programming in detail, to deploying our own servers publicly accessible. We even have our own domains! Very soon you will be able to see our code in action.

The next step in my book is to allow anybody to access my server through my domain. This way I have the opportunity to work on real world projects and web applications under my name, my server, and my domain. Once again, I did not expect to be where I am today in only three weeks.

A major part of the reason I’m loving this bootcamp is that it allows me complete freedom to express my creativity in any way I desire. If you come over here, you will see some of our art, calligraphy and drawings and expressions of our graphical creativity in the bootcamp. To be honest, if I do something like that in college or back in high school, I would be made fun of and very discouraged. But in here, things are different. It feels like this place is it’s own dimension.

One thing I don’t think I’ve covered about my experience here is the diversity. There’s so much diversity in here that we all come from different corners of life. If you grab a random group of us, you might see that one of them is in Architecture, one of them is in Marketing, one is in Accounting, one is in Engineering, and I’m in Computer Science. We could form a complete company covering many things a company needs to thrive. Just us. We would all also be coders.

The vividness of this week’s experience can hardly be expressed in words. But I tried, and hopefully succeeded, in painting you a picture. It’s a nice place to come to about two hours early and just relax, hang out, have some coffee and get ready for the day!

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