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Digital Marketing is the promotion of products or brands via one or more forms of electronic media. This week’s Speaker of The Week, Abdulaziz Bukhamseen, gave us a really informative talk, worthy of mentioning, about Digital Marketing. I, especially, could learn from this talk if I build my own startup. The early stages of a startup are very crucial, and such input from someone like Abdulaziz is very valuable. So it’s very safe to say that his talk contributed to my week very positively.

Other than that night, my week mostly consisted of a ton of work on our own projects. These projects were suppose to be plural, more than one. A project was suppose to be done within a day, head-to-toe. But we ended up picking bigger projects and spent too long on them. I spent a full three days on mine, from setting up, to deploying to my domain and server at Feel free to check it out :). If you’re reading a while after it’s posted, then you’ll probably see something much better than what readers and visitors will see now. Who knows, it might be my future startup’s official website! But for now, you can see my work as I change it and update it and improve it live.

The most exciting part of having my own website (i.e. is that the entirety of it is built by me. I wrote all the code, configured the server and deployed it myself. If you visit my website right now, you’ll see just the barebones of what an application is. I will keep working on it and improving it and making it more dynamic and interactive.

It was a really great week. Very cool to have done such work, very motivating. I definitely did not expect to have a full website up and running, publicly accessible by the end of the week. Who knows what we’ll have by the end of this week!

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