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Being a student here gives me very easy access to fantastic weekly talks by successful people. I get a ton of perspective and I get to pick their brains and get a sense of their experience. Something many struggle with, is the misunderstanding non-technical people have with software developers and programmers, and vice versa. So getting input from those who learned from these product-killer pitfalls, is an absolutely golden opportunity for me.

Scrum is an agile software development methodology for managing product development. “Hamad Mufleh” gave a really great talk on Wednesday on managing a project, and the team, and communication within the team, and lots of other relevant topics. I have to say, of all the talks so far, this has been my absolute favorite.

I once worked on a project for a class in college, it very quickly got messy and we ended up doing a really horrible job. In our project presentation demo, the project did not work properly. We had a team of three, and only one passed the class. Since I’m taking it again, I’m positive I’ll do much better, especially with what I’ve learned in this talk.

Abdullah AlHussainan” gave a wonderful talk on 3D printing. One of the greatest things I have personally noticed about 3D printing especially is that it’s not limited. You can 3D print virtually anything. If a piece of a 3D printer is broken or something, you can 3D print the exact same piece and replace the broken one. That’s exactly what Abdullah AlHussainan did, and that’s part of the beauty of it. You can replace broken pieces of something with 3D printed ones. Oh, and for those of you wondering, you can 3D print a 3D printer.

My learning here isn’t 100% from the bootcamp. It’s also the experience, the exposure, the community, seeing how people who are years ahead of me are doing, what they learned in their journey, learning to avoid their mistakes and difficulties, and many others things. Also, sometimes I wanna clear my mind for a few minutes, and to do that we have a massive panoramic view across Kuwait City and the gulf. It’s so easy to get lost just looking out there. Best way to clear my mind if I ever need it.

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