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I spent most of my time on the final project. I’m the project manager, so this experience is a lot to learn from. There’s more to it than just writing code. Especially for the manager. I did  the work that manages the code, manages the tasks, and organizes the team. I had previous attempts at team projects (in University for example), they all failed, and those which didn’t fail, never even started. I’m really glad to say I’m actually learning how to go about a team project and a project application in general.

Coded is hosting Startup Weekend in a couple of weeks. Startup Weekend is a weekend event that lasts for 54 hours. It’s purpose is to develop a fully-functional prototype for a new startup company. As a new developer in this community, I cannot wait for it. As a Computer Scientist who spent most of his time on logic and problem solving, I’m looking forward to coding under pressure.

I love how I’m now more fluent in programming and application development. It allows me to think freely when I have an actual application idea to implement. I have a strong foundation and a starting point to go from. I feel now I know where to tread when I wanna start a real world application with a business model and a clear plan.

My college classes have started. It’s really hard to think I won’t be here every morning. It’s hard to imagine myself not writing these posts weekly. This is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. Can’t wait for future bootcamps!

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