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I’ve been crazy busy this week. I only managed to spend my Friday bingewatching The Flash to relax. I only managed and work a little bit on my final project with the team. College rarely gives room for other activities.

Anyway, our project is coming along nicely, seems like almost everything is working fine. I was improving our voting system yesterday when I met with the team. I personally believe the application we’re building has potential business value if handled properly. It’s fate lies in the members of the startup that carries it.

I’ve been anxiously waiting for StartupWeekend. I already registered as a developer. I’m pretty nervous, it’s the first startup competition I will ever go to. It’s also the first time I write code for an actual startup, an actual prototype for an actual application with designers and marketers and entrepreneurs. My team will not consist entirely of amateur coders with no experience or business planning. It would be pretty crazy if I end up winning! I’m certainly going for the crown, but realistically, I’m hoping for it. It might actually be easier than I think. I have no clue who my competitors are, or what experience they have.

Next post, the last post, will include my experience at Startup Weekend, the biggest startup event in Kuwait. I can’t wait to see how it will be!

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