How to choose your A team and a support team?

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You probably noticed last time we organized Coded Talk on Wednesday, instead of Tuesday as we usually do. That day, on July 27th, we had a pleasure of hosting Premlal Pullisserry, CEO of Boxit, a startup that is pretty known in the GCC. If you read our blog regularly, you could learn more about Premlal and Boxit in the interview we posted before the event.

During the Coded Talk, he spoke about several aspects of running a business, such as troubles he had to go through on the way, outsourcing or doing everything in-house, and deciding on value based or revenue based startups.

Choose the right team and your business will go smoother

One of the topics he talked about was the team, which happens to be the essential of every good startup or a company. Premlal said you need to have your action team and support team. So, how should you choose the right people for both?

When choosing your A team, make sure all team members have complementary skills and varied background. Different age group is also a plus. Also, you shouldn’t hire your friends for this team. When it comes to the support team, you should hire experts who have industry knowledge.

You can put a limit to a box dimension, but you can’t put a limit to the number of shoes

After Premlal gave a talk, he got a lot of questions from the audience. Some of them were about running business in Kuwait, some of them about Boxit itself. He shared some interesting information about items Boxit had a chance to take care of until today. Some of those were shoes, and not only 5 or 6 pairs, but few boxes of them.

To round up the event, Premlal provided a special offer to all attendees of Coded Talk, in which all of them get 4 boxes for 3 months for free (worth 24 KD). It’s good to be part of Coded Talks, isn’t it? You get lots of tips and useful pieces of advice, plus some free stuff.



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