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We carefully design the curriculum for your school and ensure that not only your teachers are qualified to instruct your students skillfully, but that we also continue to support you and the learning process.

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CODED in Northwest 

The collaboration between CODED Academy and NorthWest School proved to be an exceptional endeavor, as it aimed to impart programming skills to high school students, resulting in resounding success. Through a shared vision of fostering technological literacy and innovation, the two institutions joined forces, combining their expertise to deliver an unparalleled educational experience. The program provided a comprehensive curriculum that not only introduced the fundamentals of programming but also encouraged critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork. 


Our services

 Let’s Bespoke Educational Services


Customizable Curriculum

Provide our students and clients with cutting edge programming curricula that is up-to-date with the world-wide tech industry

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Long-term Support

Empower and foster an inclusive tech community within Kuwait and the broader MENA region


Advanced Learning Process

Prosper the next generation by equipping them with life-long skills to help adapt to the ever-changing industry demands

Prepare Your Students 

for The Future


  • The Jobs of the Future 

 Per the world economic forum report, the jobs with the highest demand in the future all have a common aspect which is advanced knowledge in tech. Don’t your students deserve to have a bright future?


  • The Foundational skills

There is a set of foundational skills that EVERYONE needs in order to stand out of the crowd, like critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, adaptability, leadership, organization, and creativity. With our content, your students will master all these skills.

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Unlimited Variations

We have an ever-growing number of topics we have mastered from Game Development to Cyber Security

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Variety of Coding Topics

We create the curriculum in accordance with your school's criteria and your unique needs!

Our Expertise

Vision and mission

CODED aims to provide schools with a learning experience that will raise students' sense of passion, creativity, and awareness toward technology using various teaching approaches that nurture all students’ different needs and learning styles.

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The Features of Our Bespoke Approach


Up to Date

We ensure that everything you teach is in sync with advancements in technology & modern approaches



We synergize the content with other subjects to optimize learning another line here


International Standards

We meet and exceed international standards in curriculum content



We keep up the standards of your teaching by maintaining a long-term connection with our clients

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