We Teach Young Students 

The ABCs of Coding

and Technology

Our program focus on teaching kids fundamentals to intermediate levels of programming through fun and enjoyable experience.

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Coding Topics of the Upcoming Program 

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Keep it Green

Create your 3D interactive model for 10-13 years and your AR creative project for 6-9 years

Why CODED Juniors?

  • Fun learning experience

In CODED Juniors, the teaching approach integrates enjoyable activities, interactive methods, and engaging content to enhance students' engagement and motivation while promoting knowledge retention and skill development.

  • Highly interactive and engaging activities & projects

There are activities & projects that will give the students the experience while having fun.

  • Constant support and attention to students

The members of CODED team will make sure that your juniors are as their own juniors and will take care and support them to reach their goals and get the experience along the path.

  • Encouraging environment

The environment is safe and inclusive to promote students engagement and encourage them to take risks, ask questions, and learn from their mistakes.

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